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Alrighty, since this thing took up a hefty amount of room on my friend :icondinohunter2:'s journal, I figure it also warrants its own journal entry as well, for all the interested Monster Hunter watchers out there...or, ya' know, people passing through or such. Whatever the case may be, I'm a big fan of the series, especially in its third generation, and the updated fourth title heading over to us from across the sea looks to be just dandy. That bein' said, I suppose that a wishlist IS something that is an interesting prospect for me, as I do have my own thoughts on is thus far. I modified the original rules a bit for said wishlist to be more in line with what I wanted to talk, and expect no taggings from me. So, without further ado, my personal wishlist for MH4U:

1.) Brachidyos Subspecies (in spite of being my archnemesis for a time due to getting his parts, I really do think the guy made for a great fight, and an alternate using the new powdery form of Explosive ability might be neat to see)
2.) The Return of Arzuros and Volvidon (Lagombi without his mates feels a smidgen empty to me, albeit Volvidon seems far more adept to the new environments)
3.) More creatures for the snow area so we can hear more of that wonderful music (Tidal Narjarla and Zamtrios and the occasional Tetsucabra aren't enough)
4.) More additions to the Snake Wyverns, Piscine Wyverns, or ESPECIALLY the Fanged Wyverns (for christs sakes stop shoving misc species into Elder Dragon slots and make some more damn things for these guys)
5.) Make a Rare Species for one of the udda' guys (Rare Species Zinogre would be ballin' in my opinion, albeit hard to imagine stepping up on that)
6.) Give us some Easter Eggs of our Shakalaka comrades (after finishing the main story for the two goofballs after beating Ivory Laggi, it already filled my heart with sadness to see my most trusted friends depart)
7.) Make a quest based on Godzilla 2014 (Seltas and Seltas Queen with a mandatory appearance by [Savage] Deviljho. Do it Capcom.)
8.) Make a quest with Golden Rajang and Savage Jho (WE MUST GO DEEPER)
9.) Make more guys for the Chelicerata too (Seriously, why so many goddamn classes occupied by ONE guy?!?!)
10.) Maybe bring back Blangonga? (I won't lie, he'd be fun to fight with the better controls of the new generation. His whole family is there too! Rajang, Congalala, and Kecha Watcha)
11.) Bring back some of the Leviathans and Brute Wyverns maybe I dunno' (The Amphibians still sorta' feel like Expies in some regard, though I can plainly see the differences. Still, Agnaktor is COMPLETELY applicable here, as is Royal Ludroth to a good extent).
12.) Please continue the trend of making all these awesome monsters that aren't blatantly taking moves from one another in the same class like some of the first Gen. (...or emulating Frontier in that regard, huuuuugh.)
13.) Continue to make the Free-hunt more awesome this Gen, because randomized map and such was already a smashing idea among other things. ('nuff said, plus I have SO MANY monsters on Free-hunt on Ultimate after getting through the Village quests, and making it more replayable is a plus)
14.) I honestly already miss the prospect of underwater combat, as I found it rather easy to deal with after a while. (I know it's not happening, but man I found it smashing; so much space and such!)
15.) Blow our mind when this comes out please. (Because even without the wishlist it looks to be a steller product.)
BONUS 17.) Also, I miss Qurupeco. (The idea of the loon summoning his older relative Kut-Ku or Garuga is too much. Also, emulating a KHEZU roar would be hilarious)

As for things I really don't desire, DIDN'T want, or am on the fence about...:

- Cephalos and co. WHY. Unless you can make them more like the Delex and much easier to deal with, I would rather have NONE of their bullshit.
- The enormous cluster of Elder Dragons. (Quite a few I can understand, but seriously, these guys are filling up valuable space for other monsters that could be otherwise brand new or some other fellows that truly deserve to come back for this family gathering)
- The nixing of underwater. (...ahem...)
- Alright, I'll admit I'll only put the older Dromes and Preys here until I can get a good look at them in action as I play. The prospect of them getting rage modes, breakables, and fighting them with the new control scheme makes it sound much more palatable for their return, but until then I might be somewhat iffy on their return.
-...alright, I'll outright admit that Khezu isn't a big favorite in regards to his actual fight, but hopefully 4 might redeem him, if Capcom actually tweaked the bastard or such. (Gigginox it seemed like did his job much better...)
- For God's sake, I hope Gravios and her spawn are more like fighting Uragaan and such, and not the bouncefest of past games. I like these guys, but WOOF.
- I also do wish the returning subspecies of past generations got upgraded akin to how the newer subspecies behave, in regards of how they had different abilities, attacks, and such. (It seems like such a stark contrast, and the returning subspecies are rather boring in comparison.)

Aaaaand that's all I can think of, off the top of my head. Whadda' you think?
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