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Heyo' fellas, haven't seen a lot of me this summer, ey'? Evident as is, but I suppose some peeps are wanting some reasons. Or excuses. Either works. In any case lemme' just drop the current climate on ye'.

Basically I've been, or at least I was, going through an emotional bout lately. Things like this happen when you're technically a country kid in the middle of a classic backwoods farm town setting from a horror film or other, and your career of choice takes place in big, busy, chaotic, and rather intimidating places like New York...or, LA. Especially LA. Needless to say among the anxiety and such stemming from having to face these sorta' tribulations in the future (and debating what exactly will go down), I also had to fight off demons regarding "am I doing this for me or to impress people" or "I feel inferior to others therefore I cannot work", and more specifically, "I've been stuck on a singular project for what amounts to seven years and I just want it to get done, but at the same time opting for quality material, so allow me to paralyze myself and not really work on it at all". Or "good lord how to I even know any of the things I want exist outside these boundaries that are all that I know".
It goes without saying my lack of input this summer owes itself to that. That and spilling all my ideas to friends and such, therefore being compelled to not have to work on them. Bleh.

But, I've been working on it, getting some real-life and media-influence help for my bit o' problems. An emotional breakdown or two? Yeah, but I can get through those. Goes to show bottling up your emotions ain't all healthy, of course. In any case, I got a nice bit of tension relieved from finding out some cheats in digital art that help transfer my beloved traditional materials to layered documents, so whoopee. 

That being said, college is just around the corner, and with all morning classes the ensuing schedule is tight-packed and by all accounts quick, but accounts for both maintaining bedtimes, using those extra hours for possible paid work, and well, ya' know. School work when it comes. In any case, I 'oughta be transferring my emotions more to paper and exercise than bottling them up, but so long as I hold a shred of perfectionist prime-donna, I gotta' keep working on willing myself to do these things. Far too easy for me to get distracted with music. Or menial labor. Rather odd, I know.

As well as this, the influx of imagination, creativity, and motivation is is short supply lately, so I haven't had much to do with that in case. But, as with everything else, working on it.

But hey, hopefully you guys may get lucky. I've already established (I think) that Gecks and his crew are going beyond the boundaries of the Fan Kaiju Community and are going to be in a full-fledged webcomic in the hopefully near future, so any conceptual and promotional material might be coming up (and any past stuff getting shoved into scraps). I'm going all out this time, doin' what I feel like doin', and hopefully providing you good folks old and new with something you'll really enjoy.

But, that is the current status quo right now, and thus I leave you with that. Hopefully I might be more active soon, and possibly using Groups to "advertise" abit, since I figure I'll be needing, ya' know, SOME audience that I might garner or need in the future (speaking toward commishes or such). Though I'd be humbled enough just having one, cuz' I know you guys out there can be real sweeties.

Anyways, hope you're all enjoying the last weeks of humid, hot summer, and let us welcome in the warm colors and cool breezes of autumn. Peace!
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  • Reading: Monster Hunter Wiki with a dash of tfwiki
  • Watching: MST3K
  • Playing: Monster Hunter Freedome Unite
  • Eating: Tacos
  • Drinking: Cream Soda (or water)


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Zachary McCormick
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Heyo', I'm Zach and I like cartoons, video games, giant monster movies and interesting things in general. I'm currently a student at Southern Illinois University Carbondale planning to Major in Animation and Digital Media, and hope to do....something in animation, or comics. Whatever works. I always have aspired to do independent work however. I'm basically a cauldron of different ideas, but I'm sometimes too lazy to put them on paper. Or busy. Or doubtful. I'm sure I'll kick it eventually.

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